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Sales Manager / Sales Agents (MULTILINGUAL - DEU/FRA/ENG)


Are you a passionate individual who embodies our core values? 

At our company, we believe in fostering a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship, pleasure in sharing and inspiring others, love for the fine things in life, and elegance. If these values resonate with you, we invite you to become a part of our dynamic team.

We offer you the unique opportunity to engage with our high-end clientele, keen to amplifying the visibility of their premium brands through our exceptional, one-of-a-kind media platforms.

Join us in creating extraordinary experiences for our customers and partners.

Job description 

Being dynamic, efficient, autonomous, persuasive, and tenacious are key traits in sales.
It isn't merely about contract signing, but rather, it's about cultivating enduring relationships:

  • Take charge of marketing advertising space across our diverse media channels.
  • Nurture and expand relationships with existing advertisers from various sectors.
  • Engage in daily prospecting to attract new advertisers, leveraging both phone and in-person interactions.
  • Provide expert advice and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Collaborate with journalists, graphic teams, and editors to monitor publications and advertisements across all media platforms.

Your profile

1. Background in sales, communication, advertising, or marketing.

2. Exceptional listening skills, strong prospecting abilities, and a drive to win over new customers.

3. In-depth knowledge of the social and economic landscape of Luxembourg
ideally backed by a credible portfolio of local contacts.

4. Genuine interest in the press, media, and advertising sector.

5. Fluent in French, English, and either German or Luxembourgish.

6. Passion for good food (plus point: there are often delicious treats in the office!).

7. Possession of a valid Class B driver's license.

8. EU citizenship or valid Luxembourg work permit.

What we offer you

  • Being Heard - Collaborative Culture: 

    With creativity and entrepreneurship at our core, we foster a culture that encourages individuals to share their ideas, regardless of how unconventional they may seem. By valuing and embracing diverse perspectives, we give everyone a voice, cultivating an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive. 
Actively listening and empowering our employees, we create a dynamic atmosphere that nurtures the free exchange of ideas, enabling us to push boundaries and drive continuous improvement. 
In this collaborative environment, we not only encourage sharing knowledge but also empower personal and professional growth, recognizing and valuing the expertise of every individual.
  • Work-Life Balance and Performance-based Evaluation: 

    We believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our employees. We prioritize productivity and results over the number of hours spent at a desk. Our performance-based evaluation system recognizes and rewards employees based on their achievements and the quality of their work. 
We values efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes: by focusing on results rather than hours worked, we create an environment that encourages work-life harmony and empowers our employees to deliver their best work.
  • Compensation and Reward Philosophy:
We believe in acknowledging and appreciating our employees' contributions and unwavering dedication. Our compensation and reward system is designed to be fair and competitive, aligning with market standards. Interesting rewards are granted whenever goals are achieved and market conditions permit, in various forms, such as performance bonuses, recognition programs, professional development opportunities, or additional benefits tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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